Thursday, 17 June 2010

The One with the Strawberry tea and the Calpol

I've spent a lovely afternoon in the garden with a friend, her baby and of course my baby, eating scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream and drinking white wine spritzers (before you call social services they were mostly lemonade)

You can keep your going out to work for a living, maternity leave rocks! Idilic bliss!

Well it would've been if the boy hadn't screamed all afternoon with teething/gum pain and needed me to give him Calpol for the very first time! I discovered that Calpol is strawberry flavoured and the lad lapped it up from a plastic spoon. I think he saw our strawberry jam and didn't want to miss out. He certainly gets very interested when we eat (he followed every spoonful of lasagne into my mouth the other night, it's his Italian heritage coming out - I hope).

It must be odd when all you've ever tasted is milk to suddenly get a fruit flavour but he seemed to like both the taste and the sensation of the spoon.

So all in all I fear weaning won't be far away. I know I shouldn't wish the time away but I can't wait...

Mind you remind me of that statement in a few months time when my dining room is covered in orange butternut squash stains!

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