Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The One with the Market Research...

So I know I only just posted but 1, I want to make sure I've got the hang of this and 2, as the jacket spud bleeped in the microwave my phone rang..

Voice on the Line: Do you have a few moments to answer a survey?

Me: Sorry no I'm about to eat my lunch then the baby needs a feed. (true)

VOTL: Please, it's just market research, I'll be really quick, it's my last day doing this and I'm behind on my quotas. (sounding desperate)

Me: Oh alright then as long as you are quick. (I give in too easily)

VOTL: Thank you, thank you so much. I'll be really quick honest. (she wasted some time there I feel)

Me: Ok if you're quick (see the irony there)

VOTL: Do you have a landline in your house or just a mobile phone?

Me: Well yes I have a landline you're phoning it now. (I'm starting to laugh)

VOTL: And how old are you?

Me: I'm 40. (silence)

VOTL: (talking to her mate) She's 40, is that ok? (pause - wasting more time now the whole I'll be really quick thing isn't panning out as I'd hoped here)

VOTL: I'm sorry you don't qualify for our survey ( hangs up without a goodbye - obviously trying not to WASTE MY TIME!!!)

So now I'm intrigued. Did I not qualify because I have both landline (which she was ringing) and mobile or because I'm 40?

I fear the later.

It's a good job jacket potatoes don't loose their heat too quickly!

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