Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The One with all the Anticipation

So tomorrow is the big day. Make or break. England expects and all that. You can almost feel the anticipation in the air. Either that or it's resigned defeat that we're rubbish and going home.

I do hope not. I have too many England inspired pieces of baby clothing for the boy that have barely been worn and if we go out tomorrow, well frankly he'd look foolish wearing them! So please Mr Fabio play Joe Cole and get us through to the knockout stages because my baby looks really cute in red and white!

You know after Algeria I thought that's it, we're not going to make it but something changed today. Andy Murray is the last man standing at Wimbledon after an easy first round match and the England one day cricket team just beat the Aussies (which always feels good). This has given me hope. This has restored my faith in English sporting prowess.

But you know what clinched it?


To see them sent packing with their tails between their frogs legs was the lift this country needed. Never have I laughed so much at a sporting event. I've spent all afternoon and evening taking le wee wee out of the petulant, spoilt, ungrateful cheaters that are the French team, who seem to have the mental age of two given their temper tantrums this week.

If nothing else and whatever happens tomorrow we'll never be as bad or act as disgracefully as the French and that makes me proud to be English.

"Vive la difference" indeed....

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