Thursday, 24 June 2010

The One with the Pillow Fight

The pillow fight in question being the hour long struggle we are currently having with the boy at bedtime!

He used to go down like a lamb but now he's scrapping like a lion. Once he's gone he's gone bless him it's just getting him to go that's the problem.

I blame the heat. He's just in a vest and the windows are wide open and the fan on but we can't seem to get the house down below 24 degrees. I'd have him sleep in just a nappy but he's worked out how to undo the tabs on his Pampers size 3 and I fear carnage would ensue!

You get a bit obsessed with temperature when you have a baby. I've got thermometers in almost every room. Is he too cold? Or too hot? What's the temperature? How many layers has he got on?

In the end you just have to roll with it. It's hot. I can't physically make it any cooler. What can you do? Just strip off and wave your nappy in the air like you just don't care!!!

Tonight could be interesting.....

By the way I'm off out and hubbie is doing bedtime on his own tonight!

Best of British babe!

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