Sunday, 6 June 2010

The One with the Muzzy Attack

So for those of you who don't know a muzzy is the short term for a piece of muslin cloth used to wipe up dribble, milk, unpleasant substances that frequently emit from babies.

Now we've got that cleared up (see what I did there) I can go on to explain the concept of the game Muzzy Attack that amuses our 3 month old son so much.

It's a simple ruse. Once fed and lying milk drunk on your lap you get one muzz and proceed to gently rub it in the face of your child whilst saying the words " Muzzy Attack" over and over and over again. You can jazz it up a bit and go "One, two three, Muzzy Attack" or "It's a Muzzy Attack" but essentially at it's heart is the words and the actions of the muzz attacking your face.

If you tried this at the Comedy Store of an evening, as an act, you'd get booed off in no uncertain terms. You'd be as welcome as an English comic at the Glasgow Empire or a hog roast at a bar mitzvah. But give our little 'un his due he blooming loves it. Easiest laughs I've ever got and hours (literally) of entertainment for him. Just a bit of cloth and a bit of larking about with it.

But then aren't the simplest things in life the best and this is what children teach us.

Muzzy Attack. It's the future. I'm on the phone to Ninetendo Wii right now........

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  1. Some would doubt the comedy genius of 'MA' - and even if the child in question is only laughing AT you and not WITH you oh Random One, all can be assured that it remains wildy charming to witness.