Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The One with Lady Gaga

It would seem my three month old son has developed a taste for me singing pop songs at him. It keeps him quiet and amused. Well to be honest I fear it startles him into submission but hey any port in a storm.

A few weeks ago it was Prince's Raspberry Beret but this week the song of choice is Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. I don't know the words to this one (unlike the Prince number) so I find myself just saying the word Bo, our nickname for him, to the tune.

We spent months discussing a name for him. We made lists of favourites, we consulted books and trawled the internet to make sure it wasn't too common (a major criteria for my husband, if it was in the top 50 most popular boys names he didn't want to know). Eventually we came up with this great rock star, cool name so that hopefully he'll appreciate the classic music from the 60's and 70's, and what do we do?

We go to all that trouble and end up calling him Bo all the time and Lady Gaga is his music of choice!

Altogether now , Bo,Bo,Bo,Bo,Bo, Bo. Bo,Bo,Bo,Bo,Bo,Bo.. you and me could write a bad romance..

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