Friday, 13 May 2011

The One with the Eurovision

Last night I watched the second Eurovision semi final!

I can't comment on Tuesday's extravaganza, as I didn't see it. On Tuesday the UK could vote, Last night we couldn't. As Scott Mills commented on BBC3 "I don't need to be impartial tonight, you lot can't vote”.

In light of this remark here's my take on proceedings. 

It’s as mad as a box of frogs!

We had dolly bird twins with two I's - Twiins. Moldavians with foot long black dunces caps on, a sand artist whilst a woman with wings belted out a ballad, a woman swinging a soft brick over her head and 1998 Israeli winner Dana International who strangely didn't look a day older now than when she won in Birmingham 13 years ago.

And at that point we hadn't even got to the homegrown madness that is Jedward!

I fear the UK entry, Blue, may not cut the mustard in the bonkers stakes.

I do love a bit of Eurovision but it's not secret that here in the UK we don't really take it "that" seriously. So as I know I have a lot of readers all over Europe please send me your comments or tweets @RandomHousehold about your thoughts on Eurovision.

Do you take it seriously? Are you having a party on Saturday night? (I'm going to one) Who do you want to win?

Let me know your thoughts. Goes without saying but the random the better!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The One with Two Twirls and a Weight Watchers Magazine

I need to shift some weight! 

And by some I mean a lot. The awful realisation hit me recently when I saw pictures of myself on our recent weekend away to Devon to visit family - on which, by the way, the boy was a star and my fears of treacherous long car journeys were to the most part unfounded. Obviously The Wheels On The Bus had to be employed as did copious amounts of apple rice cakes but all in all we all survived it.

Anyway these pictures. Sis in law 2 (hubby has three sisters - maybe I should change his blog name to Chekhov? - so for the purposes of blog identity I rank them according to birth) lives on a farm and with Spring upon us the lambs were out and gambolling in the field, that's running playfully not playing poker! I had my picture taken feeding them and holding one along with the boy who fell instantly in love with the "ba, ba's" and stroked and fed them too.

On the resulting photograph I am huge and not sure if the poor lamb looks startled because of my novice farming skills or because it was frightened I was going to eat it! 

I can no longer hide behind baby weight or the excuse of "I've just had a baby". I haven't "just had a baby", he's nearly 15 months old. 

The awful truth is that I probably have shifted any excess baby weight but what I am carrying is the overweight body I had before I fell pregnant, and some more!

A combination of body loathing, tiredness and rounds of visiting friends and family have given me opportunity and craving for sweet things. And savoury things. Good things. And bad things. As I explained to my doctor it's not that I don't like my fruit and veg. I love fruit and veg! I love all food, that's my problem. I'll eat anything.

Except lamb! 

The irony!

So on Saturday night I went out for dinner with  one of the boys fairy godmothers. She has in recent years slimmed down to gorgeous proportions. She has done this through watching what she eats and getting off her fabulous butt and dancing, walking and doing yoga to achieve her shape. She's not used Weight Watchers or Slimming World or any of the other options out there but just done it herself.

She still enjoys a glass of wine or a G&T and she still enjoys chocolate. Just in moderation!

Therefore we skipped dessert at the restaurant and walked home via little Tesco's to buy us and our hubbies something sweet to take home.

I got us both a Twirl. I was full and didn't need it but I did it anyway. I totally lack discipline. 

I have in the past lost three stone using Weight Watchers and found the structure of it really useful. It's just this time I've become so used to my treats and biscuits with a cuppa when the boy has a sleep and finishing off the boys tea now he has what we eat and.... oh god I can see how this has happened!

I looked at my friend. She was having a dark chocolate Kit Kat. She looks great. This can be done. I can do it.

I bought a Weight Watchers magazine with my chocolate.

The irony was not lost on me or the late night assistant in the store.

I can do it I told myself as I tucked my goodies in my handbag and folded the magazine under my arm.

Just not on my own.....

Sunday, 8 May 2011

The One Where the Boy Walks

We have lift off! 

The boy has turned one small step for boy-kind in several small steps and taken that giant leap into walking around unaided!

He's been furniture surfing since he could pull himself up at 8 months old and on Mother's Day at the start of April he took a couple of steps towards me and from then on would walk if you held his hand but the lack of confidence to let go, coupled with the knowledge that he could cover a lot more ground crawling, made him reluctant to fly solo.

On Friday he made the passage from baby to toddler and walked across Nanny P's lounge. She's got a big lounge my Mum so that was no mean feat (or feet if you want the full pantomime pun) and from then on there's been no stopping him.

I have to say I am so relived. Nothing it would seem brings out the judgemental nature of friends and family like a 13/14 month old who hasn't started walking. I wish I'd had a pound for every time I'd heard "Is that child not walking yet". 

I have, on occasions, been tempted to retort that it's difficult to stand up straight with people on your back all the time but politeness prevented me from such sarcasm! 

Now he is walking, those very same people nod knowingly at you and say "Oh now the fun really begins. He'll be into everything and you'll be run off your feet." 

Charming! If that's the case why have you been on at me to get him to walk! 

But really I don't care. He can explore everything if he wants. I'm just so proud my little man is up and about. Don't touch that darling. Oh mind Nanny's ornaments. Hang on babe you'll bump your head.... 

I see what the well meaning busybodies meant now...

These might be giant steps for a little man but Houston we have a problem....