Friday, 4 June 2010

The One with the Stiff Drink

Every now and again I need a brandy. I know it'll give me a thick head in the morning. All dark spirits do even though I love a malt whisky and after a visit to the Appleton stand at last years Good Food show a drop of rum, on occasions, doesn't go amiss either. But it's been one of those evenings.

I'm sipping from my rather elaborate crystal brandy glass (wedding present - why else would you have them?) as I type and it's going down a treat.

It's just that one thing leads to another. In my younger , slimmer, days when I drank a black coffee I'd want (have) a cigarette (I've given both up now a long time ago) and in this case the brandy makes me want chocolate.

Their flavours compliment like strawberries and cream and fish and chips.

They need each other like , Lennon and MacCartney and Morecambe and Wise.

They go together like ram a lama, lama da dinker de dinky donk (if you've seen Grease you'll know what I mean).

So as the stiff drink comes to an end my mind and fingers wander to the fridge but if I have some chocolate I'll pour another brandy and so it goes round.

And so I get rounder!!!

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