Sunday, 27 June 2010

The One with the Magic Song

Yesterday was a big day out. We visited friends in North London for an annual BBQ and it was their first meeting of the boy. This involved packing a lot of feeds, changes of clothes and nappies and an hour and a half drive there and back but the lad, apart from pooing for England causing a three change of outfit strategy, did us proud!

It was just on the way home he had a moment!

It was way past his bedtime, he'd had an exciting day, met loads of new people and woke up in the car a bit chilly due to the air con being on full blast. We were so close to home, literally minutes away, so we tried a few songs to soothe his nerves.

Hickory Dickory Dock. Three Blind Mice. Ring a Ring a Roses. All to no avail so we started on more random tunes.

And the one that worked?

Bali Hai from South Pacific!

Not an obvious choice for a baby but then given his Mothers theatrical leanings I'm not surprised. I always wondered if, as he grows older, he'd prefer sport like his dad or the arts like his mum. I hope he loves both but you never know. So......

One nil musical theatre!

Get in!!!!

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