Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The One with Listen Again Killed the Radio Star

I was on the local radio last Friday! They sometimes ask me on to put my four penneth worth in on news issues of the week on the mid morning show. In a fun way you understand, it's not investigative journalism or Sky News (Breaking News - We're all going to die!!!!!!!) it's just light hearted banter with another female guest and the presenter.

I do love going on the radio. I get to talk and make people laugh (these are a few of my favourite things) and I've always fancied myself as a bit of a broadcaster.

So I've just heard myself on the listen again function on t'internet. Common as muck I sound and with all my years on the stage (don't you know darling) my diction was appalling.

Must try harder Random Woman. Now all together.. The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane....


  1. "Ooo, don't you sound Suffolk??" "Really? Well I would, you moron, its where I come from.". Wear it with pride; RW. x

  2. I always knew you were common as muck :)

  3. Well said Jelly. You wouldn't ask someone from Scotland, Ireland or Wales to lose their accent so why should we.

    Dr. Twit. Yeah shut it Essex boy!!!!!