Saturday, 5 February 2011

The One with a New Top!

That was the week that was! It's over let it go!

And before anyone who remembers the satirical 1960's show "That Was the Week That Was", or TW3 as it was known, thinks that dates me then I wasn't around then I've just seen repeats and have an almost obsessive love of old comedy!

So anyway I've had a tough week so I went shopping this morning with Lemon Cake Lady to cheer myself up.

This can be something of a double edged sword. Shopping can be therapeutic, exhausting and frustrating all in the same trip.

There are a few things that can help here. Set off early so you can park and there's not many people around. Have a break for a hot beverage and something sweet and sustaining (in our case Costa's chocolate twists)! Shopping after all can take it out of you. And don't expect to find anything you either like, can afford or will fit you.

Early starts are no problem now we both have children and the days of a Saturday morning lie in and not going "up the town" until lunchtime are long gone.

Having a cuppa and a cake is no hardship either and to be recommended.

So it's the last of my successful shopping trip tips that can cause the therapy to turn to angst in a single turn.

To quote today's Facebook status;

"I'm going shopping. Nothing will fit and it'll all look a bastard but I'm going anyway."

Nothing ever fits me! Lemon Cake Lady has the same problem but in reverse. She's smaller up top than she is at the bottom and I have a chest that would've graced the Carry On films but slimmer hips and legs.

We are like two isosceles triangles pointing at each other. If only we were the same sizes and handy with a sewing machine we could effectively cut and paste dresses and make whole new custom made outfits.

Unfortunately this is not the case and as a result when we go shopping together we end up bemoaning the fact that "they don't make things for real women" and have to buy shoes, bags and cosmetics instead as "they always fit".

There are exceptions to this where the boutique is so intimidating and trendy that once the staff realise I'm not in there with a teenage daughter they give me a look of such disdain that I begin to question whether the nail varnish would even fit me!

But today! Today I found a top!

Singing out to me like a siren on the rocks it beckoned from across the store and lured me to it's chiffon sleeved, spangly loveliness.

"Try me on" it called "And get your credit card out"

I tried it on!

It fitted and looked good. Even Lemon Cake Lady agreed and she doesn't mince words where my clothes are concerned. If it looks a bugger she'll tell me which is what you want. I mean I know I'm earning again but at 28 pounds a go you can't afford to mess about can you?

I got my credit card out!

I have no idea when I'll wear it and if I dunk the sleeves in Weetabix I'll never prise it off them but hey it's made me feel better and that's what counts.

I did say I wouldn't spend money straight away and carry on with a frugal lifestyle so I could save for possible leaner times in the future.

But when you're earning again and you visit the shops for the first time in a long time it's amazing how rapidly you can feel the quicksand of spending gather around your feet.

Which begs the question is the economy in recession because I was on maternity pay for a year and didn't shop?

Only time will tell.....

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