Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The One with the Last Day and the Physio

Well that's that then!

My last day of my maternity leave is nearly over. Tomorrow I go back to work. Yeah I chickened out and didn't hand my notice in. I'm giving it a go for the three months of my trial period. At two days a week I've worked out I only need to go 23 times (a bit of holiday and bank holidays considered - god bless Kate and Wills)! Then we'll look at it again. Or they will!

The boy is currently watching me type this while destroying a scotch pancake and trying to feed it to Oscar. Oscar's not bothered by Scotch pancakes and snoozes through the carnage of bits of food on the floor around him!

Just an average day in the Random household!

It's times like this I'll miss.

Buy hey it's only two days a week - I won't miss that much! (come on guys I'm trying to convince myself here).

But not only is today the last day of my maternity leave it also marked another watershed in this whole journey of motherhood I never thought I'd embark upon let alone enjoy so much.

Today was my last session of after maternity care.

Now I've not shared my birth story with you all and too much Calpol has washed under the bridge to bother going into that all now, but it was classed as "traumatic" by the midwives and should we want another baby I've been told to have an elective C-section, so you can imagine I wasn't a pretty sight "down below". Hubby has since told me that when he returned to theatre after having the boy weighed and he saw me being attended too it reminded him of the first twenty minutes of "Saving Private Ryan"!

So my after maternity care is treatment of an "intimate nature" brought about by my "traumatic birth"!

Of course this being the Random household we don't beat around the bush (what an apt expression) with a nickname for this and it's known affectionately as "Fanny Physio"!

So today the Fanny Physio lady said I could be signed off the treatment, keep doing the exercises and remember to pull up when you cough, sneeze, laugh or go to a fireworks display! This is all very well but I live on a main road and if a car backfires suddenly there isn't always time to squeeze. But still it seems I'm getting better so that's something. Expect a dip in the share price of Tena lady any day soon.

It does beg the question does anyone actually want to be a fanny physiotherapist? I mean did that come up as an option in her careers lesson?

"Well Sir I'd actually like to poke about with ladies front bottoms and stop them involuntarily wetting themselves for a living".

So there you go! This part of the journey is at an end and a new one begins.

When I started this blog it was a record of my first year of motherhood at 40 and I nearly called it "The Diary of a Reluctant Mother" as I'd spend the first 35 or so years of my life convinced I wasn't mother material but as time went on I realised that I was anything but reluctant and in the end I love the boy and being his mum more than anything in the world.

So now the blog will evolve to Random Woman as a working mother and all the humour and randomness that will bring....

Jump onboard and come on the next part of the journey with me!

Now I'm sorted I won't even need to keep stopping for a wee.....

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