Sunday, 27 February 2011

The One Where the Boy Turns One!

Today the boy turned one!

It was a huge milestone! For him and for me!

I love birthdays and if the boy takes after his Mum then he does too. He really enjoyed his. We had a big party at Nanny P and Grandad G's for family and friends.

He had all this grandparents together which is a rare and exciting treat. He had lots of presents. And I mean lots of presents. So many in fact we have kept some back to open another day. He had Pom Bear crisps, party rings and cake! Scrummy cake shaped like the Waybuloo's!

In short he had an amazing time.

But the most important thing about today is that the boy is one!

That's a whole number. Not weeks or months. A whole number.

And that means that I no longer have a baby anymore. I have a toddler. I can't say "I've just had a baby" either. Because that was a year ago! A year is a long time. Too long to excuse the baby
weight I'm still sporting. 

But this has been an amazing year. A life changing, awe inspiring year.  

This time last year the boy and I were preparing to spend our first night together. In the hospital, frightened and alone, hubby dispatched to home with a Chinese take-away and Oscar for company, I remember how scared and tired I was.

And tonight, exhausted from his party, the boy is asleep in his own room. A big boy now. A one year old.

I'm still scared and tired, just like that first night, but I'm happy.

Very, very happy!

Oh, PS - another big milestone for me today too is that this blog has reached 3000 hits. Thank you all for reading the randomness. I couldn't do it without you xxx

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  1. Love it! :) Happy Birthday Little one!! (At least you can say that for another 6 years!!)