Thursday, 10 February 2011

The One Where I Realise I'm Quite Naive

Apparently Marks and Spencers charge you on average 40p more for a pack of sandwiches if you buy them at a motorway "Simply Food" store than they do if you purchase them at one of their high street shops!

I heard that on a news item today about price mark ups on the motorway. Not just sandwiches but big companies charge more for take away burgers, drinks and petrol too.

I was a bit taken aback. I naively thought that a country wide chain like M&S had a standard pricing policy across all their stores. Surely that's only fair isn't it? A prawn sandwich is a prawn sandwich whether you buy it in Morecambe, Manchester, Milton Keynes or on the motorway? And by this token it should cost the same whether you are consuming it at your desk, at home, on a car journey or in the hospitality boxes of Old Trafford!

It would seem not!

I'm a bit too trusting me.

Tonight I purchased online my belated Christmas present from hubby, a netbook , so I can blog and write and research various projects I have on the go wherever I am. I filled in the form on the PC World website and it asked for my date of birth. I duly compiled and filled all the fields in.


Why did they want to know my date of birth? It's not needed for my credit card details or my billing or delivery address, it's not a password or security question! It's just them being nosey, doing consumer research into who is buying what I guess.

But I don't question it. I just fill it in. If I'm asked something, I answer it.

Half of me just doesn't think about these things and the other half of me can't be bothered anyway!

So should I be less trusting and more cynical? Less compliant and more challenging?

Or should I just make myself a packed lunch next time I go on a long car journey.....


  1. Buy a packed lunch. Learnt the hard way after having to arrange a loan with M&S Financial services at Wetherby Service Station to buy us all one of their sandwiches. Whilst people use them it'll never change and though us Brits love to moan collective action is a little beyond us.

  2. to Random Woman
    I NEVER give my correct date of birth when I am filling in forms for things such as vouchers in restaurants (Cafe Rouge) for example. Why should they know my date of birth? I always suspect identity fraud.