Sunday, 20 February 2011

The One With The 1st Birthday Party - Part 1

Yesterday was the start of the boys birthday week!

And the first of three, yes count them, three birthday parties.

This one was the NCT gathering of all our bubs slap bang in the middle of all their birthdays. Most of them were 1 already but some are still to reach that milestone, one of which is our boy.

Amazingly all the babies were well enough to partake. We were only missing one due to a prior engagement not through any thing nasty so we were an almost full compliment of 8 babies and 14 mums and dads (and before you write in and correct my maths we have twins in our group).

We had hired a hall, ordered some sandwiches and bought an enormous amount of crisps. I'd made my trademark sausage rolls previously known to make grown men weep until I was reliably informed that you can "poke 'em" in favour of my boozy rocky road now known to make grown men tipsy!

One of our number had made an amazing castle shaped cake which was duly cut, the cava was popped and hubby was called upon to make a toast.

All very civilized!

Of course that was the adults.

8 one year olds had an equally fantastic, if slightly more chaotic time, completely oblivious to the fact it was a party let alone their birthday party.

They had food, presents, toys to push, pull and ride on and a huge hall to crawl around, and for some of them, to walk around!

That's right, walking!

How time flies!

To think that over a year a go when I met all these fabulous people we were babes with bumps and frightened fellas. Now we are mums and dads with toddlers! 

Incredible little people whose personalities are growing as fast as their little legs.

Sure, sometimes they cried, or grizzled or ground breadstick into each other's hair. And that was just the dads! But watching the little ones yesterday made me realise just how far we'd all come together.

We don't have babies anymore. We have people. Wonderful little people.

Go the NCT class of Jan/Feb/Mar 2010.

Just like the sweet, boozy, marshmallow road, we rock!

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