Thursday, 17 February 2011

The One With No Sleep, An Excel Spreadsheet and a Bacon Sandwich

I'm running on auto-pilot!

The boy has renewed vim and vigour now that the third lot of antibiotics have kicked in and infections of an ear, nose and throat variety are clearing up. As a consequence he's eating better but not sleeping as much.

He seems to want to wake up around 2 am, frump and grump for a bit which then turns to a full on cry and a bottle of milk is required. All 7 oz downed you'd think he's go back to sleep but no! He wants to stand up, jump around, play and chat to bunny. I have no idea what they're saying to each other but from the noises emanating from his nursery in the early hours of this morning I can only assume it's hilarious!

Sometimes, like last night, he's fine, other nights, like Tuesday for example, he wants myself or hubby to be in there with him and screamed the house down if we left.

Either way it's exhausting!

From the first murmurs to the last stirrings of sleep it's about 2 hours all told, either in and out calming him down or laying listening to him. We've turned the monitor off but Random House is not a big one and you can hear him as plain as if he were still laying next to me. In fact I have become nostalgic for the days when he was in the Moses basket beside me and I could feed and wind him and back to sleep in half an hour without leaving the comfort of my bed!

Of course I'm back to work now so on Wednesday, having had three hours kip, I was confronted with putting figures in an excel spreadsheet and changing formulas. The only formulas I've been bothered with over the last year have been Aptamil and  Cow & Gate!

My brain was mush, my eyes were heavy and by 4 o'clock my sanity had packed up, left home and was running towards the horizon with it's arse on fire!

Last night I was "that' close to saying sod it and making a cuppa and a bacon sandwich until the chatter and what sounds alarmingly like Frankie Howard impressions, cease!

But I didn't!

I've just had the bacon for lunch instead

And as I've got work again tomorrow and more figures to fiddle with lets just hope I don't need it tonight.......

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