Thursday, 24 February 2011

The One With the Second Birthday Party

Today saw the second of the boys birthday parties!

Yesterday I didn't think we'd make it. I was shaky, headachy, hot and cold. It felt like flu. It was in fact lack of sleep.

Lack of sleep is evil! Official!

The boy was out of sorts too. Bit snotty and red of cheek.

But as the old song goes, what a difference a day makes!

The boy seems to be teething again but as long as we keep dosing him up on Calpol he's in good form and I went to bed at 6.45pm!

So today was birthday party number 2, this time with four little friends plus Mums and one Dad keeping hubby company.

There were snacks and cake and presents and lots of playing with his chums.

The boy had a ball!

I'm just glad hubby had taken a days holiday. He did a sterling job of looking after the boy, who decided he didn't want to have a nap this morning and eventually took him for a walk in his buggy to try and entice him into having a sleep. This meant he missed the start of his party but hey ho better that than falling asleep half way through!

While my boys were out I could bake and decorate and tidy and generally put the party on.

And while I was doing this it occurred to me that I'd never done this before and this was the start of a new part of the journey. It was my first birthday party too. My first time hosting one as a Mum!

And this year will be the easiest one to stage. As the boy gets older, no doubt the parties will get more complicated, elaborate and expensive.

So for now I'm enjoying the relative simplicity of a one year olds' party.

Even if it is three times over!

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  1. Isn't it wonderful! I love giving the boys birthday parties probably because I never had any being at boarding school from the age of eight. Got my eldest's in two weeks age 8! Enjoy takes lots of photos and have fun soon they won't be wanting parties anymore...