Sunday, 6 March 2011

The One with the Sleep Over

We've not had a lot of sleep lately!

The boy has been waking up around 2ish and nothing will settle him. We'll try a drink of water, cuddles, milk, even calpol but only after a couple of hours of chatting, laughing, crying and generally wanting to play does he fall back to sleep.

This has gone on for weeks and is, as you can imagine, exhausting!

So yesterday Nanny P and Granddad G were looking after him for the afternoon while hubby and I were very civilised and went to the theatre to see a matinee. It wasn't exactly high drama it was the stage version of Calendar Girls but my theatre group want to put it on in 2012 so we needed to see how they handled the nudity - very tasteful and mercifully short was the answer but I digress.

They were taking the boy back to their house anyway so volunteered to have him stay the night.

Much umming and ahing ensued!

Was I being selfish or would it do him good? More to the point would it do us good? We could go out for a curry after the show and then have a good nights sleep. Ahhh sleep, I remember that!

Granddad G has been itching to have his grandson over to stay almost from the moment he was born but I always insisted we'd wait until he was one before he went on such an adventure. Well he was one last Sunday so that criteria has been met and very much like the night we decided to put him in his own room, it all happened very fast, like ripping off a plaster, quick and best to not think about it too much just get it over with.

We left for the show, Nanny P had a list of what she needed to take from ours and when we returned home later it was to a miaowing Oscar but otherwise an empty house!

It was weird but strangely liberating and relaxing to know we could just turn round and go out for our meal without thought or responsibility. We could have a beer. We could come home and not creep around worried how much noise we'd make. We could sleep all night without being disturbed and we could have a lie in!

But this morning I feel ever so guilty that I enjoyed not having him here as much as I did!

And the boy? Well he had a wonderful time with his grandparents playing in the new ball pit he got for his birthday.

Oh and he slept right through for them!

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