Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The One with the One Year Anniversary

Well I've been blogging for exactly a year today!

Something that was started on a whim while the boy had a nap has now become a big part of my life and, the last few weeks aside where I haven't been on line due to a combination of illnesses, decorating and holiday, I have come to love my weekly or even daily random rambles to you all, all over the world,

When I started I didn't know if anyone would read it, let alone respond, but now I have followers and people regularly tune in as it were, I belong to blogging sites to promote my work and I've even ventured into the tweeting world of Twitter. I've made friends and found support in tough times and laughs in good times.

My blog has become my outlet for creative juices, rants, raves and of course randomness!

So as I sit here, watching Britain's Got Talent (not this year it hasn't!), with a gin and tonic and Oscar curled up beside me I'm reflecting on my first year of blogging.

It was always my intention to talk about being a mother at 40 and that's pretty much what I've done, after all that is pretty much the main focus of my life and therefore my blog but I hope on the way I've made you laugh or maybe even cry sometimes.

So now I'm embarking on my second year of blogging as a 41 year mum and I hope to keep you all my loyal readers and gain many more.

I'll try to keep it exciting, funny and most of all random....