Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The One with the Sudden Switch

If I didn't know better and that it is medically impossible, I'd say the boy had PMT! 

He's fine one minute then whinging the next rising to a full crescendo of screaming devil child after that and then..ahhhh... relax... back to smiles and giggles through the tears. The speed of these sudden switches is mind blowing and rivals even my worst mood swings at "that time of the month".

I'm assured by books, other mums and t'internet that this is normal at his age and due partly to teeth (isn't everything) and frustration at wanting to communicate more than just, car, ball, keys, door and bath. For everything else there's random pointing and grunting.

But is it possible the terrible twos have started at 15 months? 

He surely knows his own mind does our boy and I've noticed has a growing awareness of himself, his needs and his independence! This is all fine but it doesn't help me when, after a mammoth struggle, I've finally managed to strap him in his highchair, but hungry and helpless he won't eat a bite until he's got "that thing" he so desperately wants and is frantically pointing too but I can't decipher what on earth it is!

According to one of my books the way to fend off these tantrums is to give a toddler a feeling of control over their life by giving them a choice within a choice. 

"Would you like to wear the red t-shirt or the green one?"

"Would you like to go on the swings or the slide first?"

This, so the theory goes, will help them feel they do have some say in their day and it isn't just Mummy saying no all the time.

So once the boy is in bed tonight I thought I'd give myself some choices within choices to help me take control before my life slips away in an endless stream of "no you mustn't do that"!

"Do I want Mighty Meaty or Ham and Pineapple when I call Domino's tonight?"

"Shall I have a chocolate bar or a piece of cake for dessert?" 

"Glass of red or a gin and tonic?"

There's something to be said for this choices lark and who am I to argue with a theory in a baby book!

Right while the boy's having a nap shall I spend money internet shopping or do the housework?

What do you think......

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