Friday, 13 May 2011

The One with the Eurovision

Last night I watched the second Eurovision semi final!

I can't comment on Tuesday's extravaganza, as I didn't see it. On Tuesday the UK could vote, Last night we couldn't. As Scott Mills commented on BBC3 "I don't need to be impartial tonight, you lot can't vote”.

In light of this remark here's my take on proceedings. 

It’s as mad as a box of frogs!

We had dolly bird twins with two I's - Twiins. Moldavians with foot long black dunces caps on, a sand artist whilst a woman with wings belted out a ballad, a woman swinging a soft brick over her head and 1998 Israeli winner Dana International who strangely didn't look a day older now than when she won in Birmingham 13 years ago.

And at that point we hadn't even got to the homegrown madness that is Jedward!

I fear the UK entry, Blue, may not cut the mustard in the bonkers stakes.

I do love a bit of Eurovision but it's not secret that here in the UK we don't really take it "that" seriously. So as I know I have a lot of readers all over Europe please send me your comments or tweets @RandomHousehold about your thoughts on Eurovision.

Do you take it seriously? Are you having a party on Saturday night? (I'm going to one) Who do you want to win?

Let me know your thoughts. Goes without saying but the random the better!

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