Friday, 10 June 2011

The One with the Inner Confidence - part 2

I didn't know what to expect. I'd gone along with an open mind and an eagerness to change. I figured if I didn't read up too much about what might happen I could just go with the exercises and my head and heart would feel free to embrace what might happen. Ignorance is like a delicate exotic flower, touch it and the bloom has gone! That's your actual Oscar Wilde that!
So basically in a state of ignorant anticipation I went to my inner confidence appointment armed with notepad, pen and diary and nothing else but a desire to feel better.
I only wish I bought a box of tissues too! I had completely underestimated how much emotion I would feel and display in the two and a half hour session.
We talked, we laughed, I cried, I felt better, I felt angry, I felt hopeful. We explored my past, present and future, my relationship with others, with work, with family, with my body and most of all with myself.
We did quiet visualisations where I felt calm and mediative and physical exercises where I feel hopeful and excited and stuff where we found my Inner Child and I hugged her and told her everything would be ok - just like a Mum would.

That was the one that got me crying! 

But in a good way. I was releasing anger and frustration and years of pent up emotion.

I felt a sense of freedom. And I felt confident.

That's not to say that one session will fix a lifetime of bad habits and holding onto old shit forever, so I fully intend to have some more I'm so exhilarated and enthused about the whole process, but this is a start. 

And sometimes all you need, especially when you're feeling lost,  is somewhere to start.....

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  1. And what a 2.5 hours it was! You were brave and open and brilliant and look at the reward. So pleased you feel a sense of freedom and confidence. I look forward to our next session.

    I am so pleased you have shared your experience on your blog. There are so many new mums/women feeling alone in their homes who, with a little help, could re-connect to themsleves, build their confidence and begin to live a balanced and fulfilling life once again, or even for the first time.

    Warmest wishes

    Charlotte x