Sunday, 19 June 2011

The One with Fathers Day

Today is Hubbies second Father's Day as a Dad.

Much like myself with Mother's Day, this time last year we were still in sleepless night territory and yet to get our heads around actually being a Mum and a Dad! So his first Father's Day passed him by somewhat.

This year Hubby is feeling the love much more. Or he would have done if, not half an hour into his lie in, I hadn't had to call him to take over early morning milk and breakfast duties with the boy as a sinus headache had kicked in and my eyes had turned to piddle holes in the snow!

I went back to bed with tablets and a cold flannel on my forehead like some 1930's film drama queen and when I awoke the boy was having his morning nap and Hubby was cleaning the bathroom ready for the arrival of Granddad Ah Oh and Nanny P.

Bless my Hubby, he never complains (well rarely, depends on the footie scores to be honest) and always gets on with stuff around the home and with the boy with good humour (again depends on how dirty the bathroom is and if there's cricket on the radio but you get the idea).

So this is my Father's day tribute to the boy's Dad. Not only is he the best father in the world but the best husband in the world. 

One of my strongest memories of the day the boy was born was when we were back on the ward and I lay there with the lower half of my body still in shock and the upper half of my body desperately trying to cope with the loss of the lower half! 

Hubby picked our new baby up from the crib and held him in his arms, with tears in his eyes he looked at me and said 

"Thank you. This is all I ever wanted. To be a Dad."

I cried too and I'll never forget that look between us. Love, joy and sheer panic!

So today I'm thinking about people who no longer have a Dad or never had a Dad. I'm thinking about all those single Mum's who do an amazing job being both Mother and Father to their kids, for whatever reason life has given them this challenge, and knowing that, it isn't just that I couldn't do it alone, I couldn't do it without Hubby!

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