Saturday, 11 June 2011

The One with All The Comedy

If I ever went on Mastermind, which isn't very likely, but if I did, my specialist subject would be some kind of comedy or comedian. Well lets face it if someone can win when they answered questions on episodes of Doctor Who I could go on quite legitimately with "The Life and Work of Morecambe and Wise".

I love everything about comedy. I love the laughter. The beautifully crafted writing of some, the sheer silliness of others. I'm equally happy with biting satire or groan inducing pun.

I love making people laugh and by equal turn love to be made to laugh myself. 

I also love to read about comedy, it's history, comedians lives and careers and the nuts and bolts of what makes things funny. Currently I'm reading "Born Brilliant - The Life of Kenneth Williams" and this morning with the boy we watched a Heroes of Comedy on Tony Hancock. Well I say we watched it, I glanced at it occasionally whilst reading Go, Dogs Go for the 4 millionth time and playing cars and space rockets with the boy.

Stand Up comedy is often cited as the hardest and loneliest profession there is and nothing is worse or lasts as long as the silence of an audience who just don't get it. Believe me I know. I once did a show written by aspiring local actor/comedians, myself being one of them. For three nights my stand up routine went down well but on the fourth I died on my arse! I decided then that my comic ramblings were better suited to the page than they were to the stage!

But however hard making people laugh is it's never really been acknowledged as a serious artistic genre. Whilst actors and sportsmen are lauded and awarded comedians are often over looked.

But today that all changed. Arise Sir Bruce Forsyth. Knight to see you to see you Knight!
(I can't lay claim to that gag I saw it on Twitter earlier today but that Tweet bears a repeat). It's not the most popular choice in the Random Household, particularly with Hubby as he witnessed a run in Sir Brucie had many years ago with a member of Harrods staff when Hubby worked there and has loathed the man since - not one for second chances my Hubby!)

But for me this marks a watershed in honours for humour. I always felt Ronnie Barker missed out on the knighthood he deserved as did Bob Monkhouse and of course the geniuses that were Morecambe and Wise.

So now a precedent has been set I hope it doesn't stop at the twinkling, tap dancing toes of BF (stand for something else with Hubby that does!)

So arise Sir Ronnie Corbett and Dame June Whitfield, Sir Roy Hudd, Dame Victoria Wood, Sir Eric Sykes and Sir Ken Dodd.... ah maybe not, a little locally difficulty with the Inland Revenue might have blotted his copy book, but you see where I'm going with this. 

Let's show our living legends the respect they deserve before we lose them and thank them for all the laughter, giggles and guffaws. 

Laughter is so much more than just entertainment, it's medicine, respite, escapism and joy. I know I couldn't live without it and when the boy is creased up at me playing peak-a-boo there's no more beautiful sound in the world.....

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