Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The One with the Night Feeds

We've been having random 4 am feeds thrown into the mix! When I say we I of course mean the boy but anything he needs obviously involves us all getting up to attend. When I say obviously that's not strictly true. I'm sure there are plenty of households with small babies where either mum or dad get up without disturbing the other but in this house we just don't seem to be able to do that. I for one am thankful for the support. At 4 am it can feel like you are the only person awake.

I think it stems from getting up to let Oscar out, or shift up when he needed more bed (believe me before the boy arrived Oscar was our life - and if you're reading this Osc you still are!) or was miaowing at 3 am for no reason! Once I woke up so did hubby and vice versa.

So, with the return of the dreaded night feed, me, hubby and Oscar are all up and about!

As I predicted in a previous blog (please refer to The One with the Big Decisions) solids would not be far away and I think now is the time. He's 23 weeks on Saturday and I don't think experimenting with textures and flavours 3 weeks earlier than standard Government advice (I wonder if David Cameron is letting Nick Clegg have Farleys Rusks yet or do you think he's still breast feeding him?) is going to cause lasting damage (contrary to the scare mongering "you'll give him digestive disorders later in life" warning the health visitor gave me at the lads last weigh in)!

So the high chair is on order, the baby rice, bowls and spoons are purchased and Annabel Karmel has been consulted (in book form not personally)...

Let battle, or should that be food fight, commence.....


  1. Did the health visitor flash her Stazi ID card? Can you tell I don't like 'em a lot? If the boy's hungry then feed him. We have various Annabel Karmel accessories once you start to puree so you're welcome to borrow.

  2. I'll just quote my good ole mum again [Mild Suffolk accent, relatively stroppy sounding]..."Well you were on mince, potatoes and Bisto gravy before 4 months. Didnt do you any harm..." LOL