Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The One with Every Tom, Dick and Harry

Next doors cat thinks he lives at our house!

The little ginger rascal keeps nipping through Oscar's cat flap and nicking his food. This has been going on for a few weeks now despite our best efforts to thwart him! We've tried moving the food and changing the times we feed but to no avail.

We have one of those four way cat flaps that can be set to in, out or in only or out only so we try setting it to out only so Osc can make a dash for it if nature calls and then we have to physically open the back door to let him back in. Ok if we've around but no good for days out!  I swear Ging has set up surveillance equipment to track our movements and swoops when he sees the car move!

He also appears to have a mobile phone or Facebook or Twitter or whatever  the cat friendly social network of choice is because yesterday he was advertising and come one come all!

Ging's mate, a little tabby he lives with came and helped himself and then a thin all black cat crept in for lunch too!

And it's not confined to the daytime either. I came downstairs to use the bathroom at 4 am this morning and discovered the thin black one doing a dawn raid on the biscuits!

It's partially Oscars fault. He's getting more and more fussy in his old age and whereas he used to wolf down all his food in the morning the moment we gave it to him he now leaves it to graze on throughout the day!

Or for others to graze on!

Also we do have it on good authority that he's been in Ginger's house after his food so it's tit for tat.

Or should that be kit for cat!

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  1. I have this vision of you walking into your kitchen in the early hours of the morning to get a glass of water. You turn the light on and thirty cats stand frozen to their spots staring at you. You slowly back out of the room, with your back against the wall, turning the light out as you go.