Sunday, 22 August 2010

The One with the Night Out!

Friday night was, as I believe the youngsters say nowadays, large!

Well it was certainly a big event for a group of new mums who haven't been out on the town for ages, if at all, since the little ones were born.

We all met through the NCT (National Childbirth Trust), we were pregnant together, learnt about childbirth together and then gave birth within a few weeks of each other. We have shared birthing stories, tears, triumphs and teething. I love each one of them very dearly and we are held together with motherhood, friendship and laughter.

We meet up at least once a week with our babies for support, advice and each other's company. Of course the conversation is always about the babies and while we have them with us it's hard to really concentrate on anything else, so we planned a girls night out. Just for us.

Since we all met it has been a bonding experience but on Friday night we bonded some more! (no not like that!!)

With no baby talk allowed the G&T's flowed then quickly turned to shots, the drinking games started and the confessions and secrets started to fly.

Now to quote one of our number "What happens on tour stays on tour" but lets just say any night that involves someone making false eyelashes out of Rizla papers has to be a great night.

So roll on November when we plan to do it again.

Should just be enough time for my liver and head to recover......

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