Friday, 6 August 2010

The One with the Unusual Activity on My Account

August is a busy month for birthdays. I have my Dad's, quickly followed by one of my brothers-in-law then hubby and at the end of the month is a close family friend. All guys. And guys are hard to buy for.

So this morning, while the boy stirred and the kettle boiled, I did a bit of internet birthday boy present research and subsequent shopping.

Later today I receive an e-mail to say one of my Amazon payments hasn't gone through closely followed by a phone call from my credit card provider.

Credit Card Lady "There's been some unusual activity on your account so we've stopped it"

Me "I'm looking at my account online I can't see any unusual activity. Unless it's not showing up yet. I have made quite a few purchases today both online and in town. I have a lot of birthdays to buy for this month you see."

CCL " It's the internet activity. Several payments were made in quick succession to the same store."

Me " Yes that's Amazon. Some things are from outside sellers through Amazon so they show as separate payments"

CCL " It was also the hour that alerted us. We didn't think you'd be shopping in the early hours of the morning."

Me " It wasn't the early hours it was just when I got up (looks at Amazon e-mail confirmation)..ah... oh yes... it's was 5.50am.  I was up making my son's feed."

CCL " We've never known you shop at that time before"

Me " To be honest before I had a baby I never knew that time existed before"

CCL "Well as long as they are your transactions then that's fine."

Maybe when you have a baby you should let the credit card company know?

After all, once you've got children all your activity is unusual......

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