Thursday, 29 July 2010

The One with the Cat in the Cot

We have a problem!

Oscar got in the boys cot today. Hubby and I didn't think that a 13 year old moggy could jump that high but I'm guessing he used a complicated manovere of blanket box, packets of baby wipes and balancing on the bars (sign this feline up for the 2012 gymnastics team) to get in.

It all started with a box. Cats love a cardboard box and Oscar particularly loves to curl up in one and go to sleep. When of course he decided to throw up in his box it had to go in the bin! No box, no obvious place to sleep (he has a basket, a cushion on one of our chairs in the lounge and is welcome on our bed when the rug is on it but oh no the miaows were telling me "Mummy I've got no place to go") so he found solace in another warm place to stay.

I'd just taken the boy upstairs for his lunchtime nap when I found him. After a "naughty pussy cat" and "Oh Oscar" he just gave me a look that said "Well where else do you expect me to go?" and lay back down to sleep. So I had to pick him up and shift him. Easier said than done! He gripped onto the bottom sheet with the sharpest of claws and all his might but eventually he was gone.

New bedding later, the lad was too nosey and excited from all the commotion to sleep!

We're going to need to keep the door shut from now on, or get a cat net or a gate for the door! Or all three given the cunning of Osc!

One over tired baby and one repentant miaowing moggy wanting milk does not a good afternoon make.

Luckily we went out! The boy slept in the car and Oscar...

Well he's curled up next to me as I type on a hard, wooden, dining room chair..

Cats will, after all, sleep anywhere it would seem....

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