Sunday, 15 August 2010

The One with the Baby Rice

Well we've done it!

Earlier the boy had his first taste of actual food. If you can call baby rice food that is!

I tasted it. I don't think you can!

He, on the other hand, lapped it up. Literally. I think I might have made it too runny but trial and error hey. He had several spoonfuls, grabbing the spoon from me on occasions to ram it into his mouth.

Something tells me he was ready to explore the culinary world. Once he'd mastered the gentle but bland delights of baby rice he downed the rest of his bottle and started eyeing up my hummus and pitta bread.

I was so pleased he took to it. I was, for some reason, incredibly nervous about starting the whole weaning process but with two weeks to go until he is six months I didn't want to put it off any longer. These things can be tricky and given my apprehension I wanted to give us both time to experiment.

So soon we turn to the world of fruit and veg that is baby puree. Sweet potato, carrot and butternut squash all await and something else struck me, apart from relief, as the boy tucked in. They are all the same colour, and a wonderfully clothes staining colour at that.

But the lad likes his grub so the future's bright.

The future's orange!

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