Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The One with the Mini Muzzy

Now you know how much we love a muzz in this house (even the word muzzy cracks me up) and the boy in particular does love to carry this piece of material around with him like Linus from Charlie Brown.

The boy never took to a dummy. I used to think I'd never want a child of mine having one, then I was shown the benefits (peace, quiet, no screaming and you can take a dummy away when he's older you can't take a thumb away - also less chance of braces on the teeth as opposed to the thumb) and I changed my mind. The lad, however, had other ideas and would spit it across the room no matter how hard I tried to ram it back into his mouth (hello? Social services?).

He has however taken to a muzz. And herein lies the problem.

The boy is such a roly poly I'm thinking of getting some Bird's custard in to go with him. So as he's got the hang of the rolling now I can't leave him with a muzzy as it could get wrapped around his neck.Yet he likes it for comfort as he goes off to sleep. What to do?

Enter the mini muzz!

The facial cleanser that I use, Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, comes with small muslin cloths to wipe the cream off with once you've cleaned your face. They are smaller than a standard sized hankie and perfect for him to suck the corner of without the mass of material to potentially wrap around him.

Job done!

I always knew my obsession with beauty products would be useful one day.....

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