Friday, 2 July 2010

The One with a Solider Down

We lost a muzzy yesterday! The household is still in mourning. You know how much the boy loves a muzzy.

To be fair he didn't even notice. As I am a lucky girl and the boy is not a sicky baby I can get away with one muzz a day (known as muzzy of the day. Sing the Match of the Day theme tune..da,da,da,da,da,da,da,da,da.. it's muzzy of the day...) but it wasn't that one that we lost as that was safely stowed away in his changing bag. This was an extra muzz to protect his legs from the sun on our walk to our Thursday afternoon NCT mums group (known affectionately by me as Bub Club).

It must have slipped off as he slept and I negotiated steep curbs, pedestrian crossings and cyclists on the pavement (don't you just hate that)! It was only a plain white muzz (not our favourite spotty one- heaven forbid) so I wasn't too heartbroken but it got me thinking to when the lad is older and maybe has a favourite bear or similar critter that he won't go anywhere without. What if he loses that in transit? That scares me. I hate losing stuff, especially anything sentimental or personal and bears and soft toy critters definitely come into that category. I'd be devastated for myself let alone the lad.

I feel a device fashioned from Velcro coming on....


  1. I know the fear you speak of. When we bought my son his first bear "Rupert" (a cuddly critter from Ikea) we also got two other identical bears as backups. It was a grand plan until he discovered our bear stash! "Wow!", I said, "Look who has come to Humphrey...and, um... Stanley... Rupert's brothers!". We dodged a bullet on that one :)

  2. Hurrah Jackie! - someone else employing a Triple Bear Safety System. Do you issue them in rotation to ensure equal wear? We knew we couldnt be the only ones. I note your warning re. discovery. My big fear right now is that The Boy will see them going round and round in the washing machine - little beige & blue snouts and paws against the glass - and he will be scarred for life...

  3. I remember when Rowena lost her Upsy Daisy doll on day out in a Windsor last year. Wailing, tears and a dash to Argos in Maidenhead (arrival 4.55 pm; last in shop purchased; vastly relieved me). Of such traumas is parenthood (partly) made. But if it's any reassurance about losing things, while I was traumatised, by the time R got the replacement she was entirely mellow and unfazed about the whole thing and received the replacement with a look of, oh yes, Upsy Daisy, I sort of quite like that I suppose.

  4. I always forgot to rotate them so Rupert ended up looking somewhat like a mange dog, whereas Stanley and Humphrey remained nice and fluffy. Rupert is the brother who has had the hardest life, you can see it in his eyes ;)