Monday, 12 July 2010

The One with the Taxing Week

It's been a funny old week!

For a start it's been a full week since I blogged. Disgraceful. I kept meaning too. I promise. It was on my list of things to do, but on my list, much like my dining room table, once I clear one thing another six appear!

So since my last blog the boy had his last set of jabs until he's one. These are notorious for being horrible. We'd got through the first two sets completely unscathed. He didn't even need the magical elixir Calpol. This time was different. I knew we were on to a loser when the nurse said they'd be three injections. The boy screamed. My heart broke. Tears on both sides. Then he seemed fine until the evening.

The whole week went downhill from then on.

He's been a bit grumpy (not like him) and a bit sick (definitely not like him) and we are having a devil of a job to get him to nap in the day and go off to sleep at night. Result we're knackered!

The heat hasn't helped. I'm not a sun worshipper and it's been far too hot for me and the lad. I know, I know I shouldn't moan it's nice to see the sun etc etc. I blooming hate it! Thank goodness for the rain today. I know I'm a freak but I like rain.

So here's hoping for a better week. It's cooler. The jabs are over and he seems back to his old self and with any luck the hour long fight at night to get him to kip will pass soon too!

After all once he's gone to bed that's my blogging time and I've got a lot of stuff to say.....


  1. I'm afraid my hopes were short lived. I was out but hubbie spent the best part of two hours trying to get him to go down tonight!

  2. You're not a freak liking the rain - it's the best weather we've had for weeks! I just wish it had been a full on thunderstorm!
    Auntie Andrea x