Sunday, 25 July 2010

The One with Half the Wall Gone

I've got damp! (it's my age!).

To be more precise our dining room wall has damp. We got a quote. And when we'd picked ourselves up off the floor we got another more reasonable one. And so the work begins.

To save time and money hubby has chipped off the existing plaster himself. Much thumb banging and swearing later (I took the boy out to avoid extending his vocabulary in that direction before can even talk) and the brickwork is exposed.

This has not only opened up the chimney breast but the preverbal can of worms.

The old fireplace wasn't bricked up but concrete blocks inserted. Looking at it we'd now rather open that right up and put a lintel in so the fireplace can be a feature in the room. We have a crack going further up the chimney breast than we thought so extra plaster has come off, the bricks need replacing and re-pointing and to top it all off this work involved moving all the dining room furniture round and we now both prefer it like that.

It's the classic case of once you start these things then more jobs surface to do and that's fine it's just having lived through basically gutting the house and re-building it over the last 11 years I thought we were done!

It would seem I was mistaken.....

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