Friday, 16 July 2010

The One with the Haircut

I've just been for a haircut (and before you ask yes it was what I asked for)!

I'd been going to my previous hairdressers for 15 years and although there's nothing wrong with them, it's out of town and they were a bit slow. Now whereas before I would relish a four hour session of shampooing, cutting, colouring and trashy magazine flicking motherhood just doesn't allow me the luxury of that kind of time. I needed a fast, efficient closer to home service.

Unlike U2 I think I have found what I'm looking for. I was consulted, shampooed, scalp massaged, not just cut but restyled, blow dried and straightened in 45mins! And it was loads cheaper than my last salon. By the way colour now comes out of a box and is done at home (my bank balance also now has stretch marks thanks to maternity leave pay).

Result? I love it and I was back home in time for bath, last bottle and the boy's bedtime....

Hang on what was I thinking? If I'd been gone four hours I'd have left all that to hubby!

This new hair do must have messed with my head!

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