Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The One with the Big Decisions

So we got tough tonight. And we started earlier. The last feed of the day was done in the quiet of the bedroom in the semi- light, then a little cuddle, the soothing tones of the Tomy light show (projects bears, stars and moons on the ceiling whilst playing restful tunes) and down he went in the moses basket for bedtime. Night night darling, sleep tight and off we crept downstairs.

Just enough time passed for us to eat dinner, so I can be grateful for that, before the wailing ensued!

I picked him up only twice, briefly to settle him, then he went straight back down again. No carrying him around on our shoulders, no constant pacing. He was fed, changed, dry and smiling at us (the so and so) once he'd got us back up there again so I knew there was nothing wrong, so we let him cry. Not for ages but long enough for him to know he had to go to sleep without us.

It was tough and it took, all in all, an hour and a half (so better than last nights two hours) but we got there. We managed to eat together and he was asleep by 9.30pm. We have even managed to watch some TV together, Outnumbered (hopefully not an omen for the future - please don't our boy turn out like Ben!!) and Top Gear.

He did however need an extra 2 ounces of milk and he is squashed up in his moses basket like
(and I quote directly from the great Victoria Wood's "Dinnerladies" here) "A cat in a tupperware".

Now bearing in mind he'd guzzled 8 ounces not an hour before and I have no choice but to put him feet to foot, as he fills the basket top to toe, I think we have two major decisions ahead of us!

Putting him in his own room and introducing solids.

They might bring about a more settled bedtime routine or we might be in for a whole new world of pain.

I'll keep you posted.....

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