Thursday, 1 July 2010

The One with the Naps

I really can't complain. It's not going to stop me but I really can't complain. The boy likes his kip and for this, especially at my age, I am eternally grateful.

I appreciate that, very soon, pre-weaning and teeth will probably send our 8 uninterrupted hours in the land of nod spiralling back to the land of night time feeds, comforting and generally having to be awake when no sane person should be, but for now we've had the best part of 3 months decent shut eye and I'm lucky I know I am. Mustn't grumble and all that. I know.

It's just the little so and so won't sleep in the day!

Call me greedy. Call me selfish. Call me a taxi right now to be honest because I'm looking at ironing and dusting and cleaning that I can't get done while the lad is grinning away one minute and screaming his head off the next!

Over tired!

I blame the heat. To quote the great Peter Kay "I like it warm but I don't like it this warm.".

When you ask for advice you get "Bless him he's so hot he doesn't know what to do with himself.".

I've got a suggestion.... give in and sleep.

And the irony is I'm spending hours now struggling to get him to go to bed. When he's a teenager I'll never prise him out of it.....

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