Monday, 11 April 2011

The One with the Shameless Self Promotion - MAD Blog Awards

Today is my least favourite day of the year.

I find the day after my birthday frankly dull and mildly depressing. It's like Boxing Day, no presents, loads of leftover stale cake and a hangover!

At least, unlike the real Boxing Day, there wasn't wall to wall sport on TV all day today. Bearing in mind there'd been wall to wall sport on TV all weekend I was grateful for that. I like sport as much as the next man (the next man being my hubby) but after the Grand National, the Grand Prix and the Masters I'm all sported out until next weekend when we have the London Marathon and the World Snooker Championship.

So to cheer myself up I'm going to" big myself up big stylie" (see I'm down with the kids even at my age) and ask you all to nominate me for the MAD (Mum and Dad) Blog Awards 2011.

It might be shameless of me but I'm 41 and 1 day today, I've opened all my parcels, drunk all the champagne, eaten all the chocolates and the one long balloon with two round ones either side have shrivelled up so they no longer look like the proud comedy classic they are and more like an old man on a cold day!

I've been nominated so far in the following categories:

MAD Blogger of the Year
Best MAD Blog Writer
Best New MAD Blog
Best MAD Blog Post of the Year - these two posts have both received nominations but if you like a different one then go for it.


Best MAD Family Life Blog
Best MAD Blog for Family Fun
Best MAD Baby Blog

I'll leave it up to you but if you do put me forward for one of these you'll make an old woman very happy!

Or a middle aged mother slightly less p'd off......


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  1. Hi, I've since been told by some friends that they have also enjoyed The One with the Self Service Till

    And The One with Jamie's 30 Minute Meals