Thursday, 7 April 2011

The One With the Grumpy List

I was in a right old mood this morning!

It all stemmed from a Nanny P, poo on a sleepsuit, where's the Napisan incident last night that I won't go into here. Needless to say I was not at my best and my malaise continued into the morning.

Never wise!

I barked and snapped at Oscar, hubby and the boy. None of them had done anything wrong but I just felt like the world was on my case and under my feet.

As I drove the boy to Jingly Music group later on I pondered over my grumpiness and came up with the following list of reasons why:

1) Hubby is staying in London tonight. He's going to a posh event and a fancy restaurant with work. In fairness this is work and he's kipping at his Mum's and has a meeting in the big city tomorrow anyway so it makes sense to stay, but...

2) I am home alone with the boy and the cat. I will have beans on toast and be making cakes.

3) I will be making cakes because I have caved in my resolve to not do treats at work tomorrow for my "birthday"as this was considered grumpy of me (oh the irony) - even though my birthday is actually Sunday.

4) I'm 41 on Sunday!

5) The woman who does the weather on Daybreak is impossibly thin and has lovely clothes.

6) I am overweight and have nothing to wear that isn't covered in dribble or sweet potato stains.

7) I do have a new dress coming on Saturday but it's a a bridesmaids dress for my friends wedding next year. It has been ordered in a size so large I daren't say it out loud.

8) It still probably won't fit.

9) I therefore have to join Weight Watchers and lose weight between now and next May.

10) I've just read the list back to myself and it's made me so miserable I've eaten a Twirl.

And if all that wasn't bad enough Chris Evans is on holiday for a fortnight and has got Richard Madeley in to cover for him.

It's like listening to Alan Partridge!

And that's why I'm watching Daybreak.....

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