Saturday, 23 April 2011

The One with the Car Journey

Today we took the boy to visit Hubby's relatives in North London.

This involves a 3 hour round trip in a day. This didn't used to be too much of a problem when the boy was younger as he used to sleep a lot more but recently he seems to be happy on a one nap strategy for about 2 hours or so.

This would be fine but the time of the naps seems to be changing from a morning, before lunch, nap to an after lunch one. Then the late afternoon nap has gone altogether. So travelling in the morning so he can have a big sleep and driving home around 4ish so he can kip then used to be a great option.

Today we discovered that this option isn't as great as it used to be!

The boy did sleep on the way there but only for half an hour.

On the way home he didn't sleep at all!

The apple rice cakes pacified him onto the M25 and a short while of the A12 but by the time we reached Chelmsford the snacks had run out and the only thing to quieten the  boy was music.

Hubby wanted the football scores on Radio 5 Live so that meant I had to start singing!

Now, as I have blogged before, we have used songs from the shows to keep the boy from the screaming ab dabs on a car journey but this time "Bali High" and "Shall We Dance" just wouldn't cut it. 

It's amazing how many animals you can come up with for Old MacDonalds farm and the variety of situations with noises you can conjure up for a bus with wheels that go round and round!

Even so I was exhausted and had exhausted all the possibilities about 20 miles later.

The football scores had to be abandoned and Classic FM employed to work miracles. I can't say it has divine properties but the screaming did subside for a while.

Only for a while mind you, so we could be having some very, very long car journey's coming to us this summer!

All together now, The Wheels on the Bus, go round and round.........

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