Sunday, 3 April 2011

The One with my Second Mother's Day

Last year Mother's Day fell earlier. In my dim and distant memory I believe it was around 14th March. About two weeks after the boy was born. At that point I didn't know which way was up and to be honest with you still didn't feel like a Mum.

This year is wonderfully different.

Hubby bought me a cup of tea in bed and the boy joined us to have his milk, look at his books and have a few quick rounds of muzzy attack. He now muzzy attacks us and his toys back, so it is literally the game that keeps on giving.

I've come downstairs to beautiful flowers, a bottle of my favourite wine and a gorgeous, Oscar the cat inspired, card.

I feel extremely lucky and blessed and I hope all you Mum's out there, all over the world (Iran joined the Random fold last night so hello to you) do too.

So this year I can reflect more on motherhood and what I've learnt that has amazed, inspired and disturbed me.

I'll leave you to decide what statement has evoked which emotion!

1) Due to living on maternity pay and now part time pay I have come to consider a new pair of ovens gloves an exceptable and dare I say, desirable gift, for my birthday.

2) If you snag your fingernail and have run out of emery boards use the rusty funnel from the "That's Not My Train" book - it works a treat (if anyone sends this into Bella as a top tip I want half the £15 as commission please).

3) Finding Cheerios down your bra does not make you a bad mother. It just means your baby has incredible flicking dexterity and accuracy and may well grow up to be world Tiddly Winks Champion.

4) As great as CBeebies is it should never be used as a babysitter, (I'm not convinced Mr Bloom has been CRB checked).  This is nothing to do with your child's development this is to save your sanity because otherwise when you wake up at 3am needing the loo you'll have "Meet the Veggies" going round and round your head.

5) Don't wear a waterfall cardigan whilst having to go through a stair gate. You'll constantly trap the long pointy bits, at the bottom, on the latch and be stuck between kitchen and dining room with a cat one side clawing at your ankles to get out and a baby the other side banging on the bars to get in!

Happy Mother's Day!

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