Friday, 1 April 2011

The One where I'm A Bit Tipsy and at Lemon Cake Lady's House

I'm on a night out!

Not out, out! As in going up the town, going out! ( Lemon Cake Lady has told me to stop using so many exclamation marks so I've used three to annoy her) but out at Lemon Cake Lady's house.

Mr Lemon Cake is away so I'm over at LCL's for butternut squash risotto, a lot of wine (and I mean ALOT of wine) and pecan tassies (please see my previous post on Pampered Chef).

We are making batches of the aforementioned mini morsels of delight and comparing them in a Ross and the chocolate chip cookies episode way (oh no people batch 17!).

This week I've been out three times and each one hasn't been what used to be a traditional night out yet all equally enjoyable. Pampered Chef party, a theatre group meeting on Wednesday and now eating, drinking and baking treats with my best friend.

We have made (and I use the term "we" loosely as I was in charge of the pastry on the first lot but have now had a few too many glasses of Gavi to be trusted with the molten lava that is the filling), several batches experimenting with cooking time; comparing crispness of pastry and chewiness of topping.

It's rock and roll here I can tell you.

Yet somehow is it, because I've laughed and had a great night (and got to blog from a different computer and place so very glamorous) although according to LCL my judgement is impaired by alcohol and sugar.

But it just goes to shows that fun is what you make it.

However chewy it's topping is!

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  1. Hope LCL will be bringing some of those tasty treats into work to try...they sound well yummy!!!!!