Sunday, 17 April 2011

The One where Mummy's Got A Headache

Oh dear! For headache read hangover!

On Friday night I had "a bit of a do" at mine with some of the girls from work. What that "do" is and is called (it's "Bunnyfest", well I have it every year around Easter time) is a whole other post in it's own right, but suffice to say it's often a "boozy old do"!

This year was no exception!

We started straight from work, fairly modestly as the boy was up still up having his tea and loving a house full of attentive and pretty ladies (the boy is officially a flirt). Once he'd gone to bed the party really started as corks popped, pizza was cooked and crisps crunched. 

By the time the last reveller had left at 1.30am a lot of fizz had been consumed and I don't mean Panda Pop!

The next morning I was not myself. Who I was I wasn't sure but it wasn't me. Ah I remember who I was now, I was me but before I had the boy. Hung over on a Saturday morning after a night out, or in, with friends and worse than useless.

BTB I could put it away but now my tolerance for alcohol is considerably diminished as indeed is my taste for it. I like a G&T before a meal or a good glass of wine with it or even a brandy afterwards but not , now, all at the same time. It's one or other these days.

Hubby was a star, he'd got up with the boy and given him his milk and breakfast, tidied up, washed up and generally got on with a normal day.

When you're really young it doesn't seem to matter if you waste a day because you've had a bloody good night and don't get me wrong I'd had a bloody good night, but now my days are so precious I don't want to waste them being hung over anymore.

I got up at 9.30am and saw the boy smiling at me with all his expectant hope and innocent wonder at such simple things like a ping pong ball or a stacking cup (that boy is either the easiest audience I've ever had or has a surreal sense of humour as he spent an hour the other day laughing at a spoon) and I had a terrible feeling sweep over me.

Just like the joke where the little boy and all his friends are balloons and he pin pricks them, I'd let hubby down, I'd let the boy down and worst of all I'd let myself down!

I really felt guilty and that I wasn't being a good mum. I wasn't expecting to feel like that. I'm still a human being with friends and entitled to have fun. Hubby was fine, you had a great night he said you deserve it, stop worrying, you weren't sick or falling about or didn't know what you were doing. You didn't even wee yourself, which I can do at a moments notice sober nowadays, so all in all it was a result don't beat yourself up.

And yet what did I do all day...... You can fill in the blanks there.

I searched in the cupboard for Nurofen. It took away the headache but it didn't say anything about Mummy guilt on the box.

Determined not to waste the day I played with the boy, made walnut bread, went to see a matinee of Guys and Dolls at the local theatre and then had friends round for a civilised supper.

Virtue and calm was restored in my brain. 

Back in the day I would've spent the whole day in bed groaning so maybe my tipple tolerance is better than I thought it was.

Or maybe along with the Mummy guilt comes Mummy super powers to just get on with stuff however bad your headache is.... even self inflicted headaches!

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