Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The One with the Play Place

The boy is standing!

He has been for a few weeks now. It all started with the crawling which itself started with a commando slide then once he'd got his knees into play he saw two of his little friends pull themselves up from kneeling and thought ,

"I'll have some of that please."

And off he went.

Now there's no stopping him. Crawl and stand. Crawl and stand. Crawl and twist back to sitting and up on the knees to kneeling and stand again.

And so it goes. All day long. If he's awake he's on the move. If either I or hubby are in lounge when he makes a beeline for the dining room we've taken to shouting out,


As a consequence the boy needs space and lots of it to fuel these new found skills. Space is not something we have in abundance in our little terraced house. So today we went to one of those play places.

It's only at the end of our road and some of the other NCT mums and babies were going too so it would be fantastic to see them all, catch up, try it out and wear him out!

So wrapped up against the snow I bundled him in the buggy and we took the 3 minute stroll down to see what it was like.

It was good. Lovely to see the girls and the babies. Illnesses and holiday has meant I've missed the last few meet ups and my how those babies change in just those weeks. Each time you see them they can do new and exciting things. They are all pretty much crawling and certainly all pulling themselves up and standing. We chatted about Christmas and impending 1st birthdays for the group, which will start mid January, and how this year has been a whirl and a wonder.

It was so good to be able to relax knowing he could move anywhere without my having to pull him away from the fireplace, TV, front door every five seconds. It's frustrating for me having to do that but what must it be like for him now he's discovered this amazing new land of movement?

It was £5.50 to get in though! Which does seem a bit steep given there is only so much he can do at this stage and most of the equipment is beyond him but hey ho! We did have the place to ourselves.

Still now I've signed up the sixth visit is free! I'll have spent £27.50 to get it but it will be free!!

Lets just hope he sleeps through tonight and then it'll definitely be worth it....

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