Friday, 17 December 2010

The One with the Tipsy Shopping Trip

I went late night Christmas shopping last night!

Myself and my lemon cake friend had been planning this trip since her birthday in the middle of November when late night shopping started!

On that occasion we were thwarted by upset tums from the boy and hubby!

The following week we went on holiday.

Then the next week we were all set to go when the snow came in great traffic grinding to a halt flurries and once again we fell at the last hurdle.

So last night, a month later than planned, we went into town, wrapped up against the cold and sleet and wind and had a potter around the shops (it was amazingly quiet) as by this time pretty much all of our Christmas shopping had been done and, snow, dusted!

Apart from the shopping we were also going for a meal and a couple of festive tipples. Well it is Christmas and this time last year I was heavily pregnant and she had a 3 month old and was breast feeding so neither of us could partake.

This year it was different!

Tipsy shopping is the best! I'd forgotten how much fun it can be.

The snow was falling but not laying and I had Italian wine central heating to keep me warm so finally I started to feel a bit festive.

Now I not saying it was a right old boozy do reminiscent of back in the day BIBAM (before I became a mum) but half a bottle of Prosecco and a shot of Limoncello, even balanced with a three course meal, makes for a very interesting hat trying on session in Debenhams!

I really fancied a new hat too to keep me warm with all this snow forecast but I was reliably informed they all looked a "bugger"! In fact at one point a particularly pointy one with an enormous bobble on the top made us both laugh so hard I snorted!

And this morning my head didn't hurt which was also a bonus.

It's still cold, but it didn't hurt.....


  1. Glad it didn't hurt. Tipsy shopping does sound like fun. I don't drink alcohol but I could always pretend!

    CJ xx

  2. You are most wise not having alcohol. To be honest I'd have been worse if I'd had a proper coffee. It make me more giddy than booze but the after effects are worse than a hangover for me so i don't have it. Maybe you could have a caffeine buzz then go shopping? x