Friday, 3 December 2010

The One with all the Snow

I've had 8 inches!

Now that's a rarity!

Ha,ha... ohh err missus and all that. Despite the Carry On overtones we have indeed had 8 inches here over the last two days.

Snow that is!

Looking at the news and weather forecasts we seem to have come off reasonably lightly in our little corner of the UK. Some people have copped a whole lot more!

Lucky devils!! Waa hay....

Although the lack or luck of snow depends on your point of view. When I was at work snow meant scraping the ice off the car, early starts and even later arrivals, travel chaos and having to listen to local radio instead of Sir Terry! We just haven't got the hang of it here in Britain. Lets face it last time we had major snowfall last January and February the country ran out of salt and grit! Rubbish!

So I thought, now that I'm at home and don't have to venture out, I could laugh at the world and their travel updates!

Instead I find frustration in being snowed in with an energetic and increasing frustrated baby. There's only so much crawling from one room to the other and watching CBeebies you can take before toys are, literally, thrown out of the pram!

So it would seem when it comes to weather we are never satisfied. They do say it's all the British can talk about!

I think what they mean is it's all the British can moan about!

Having said all that - pretty isn't it?

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