Monday, 29 November 2010

The One with the Holiday

A combination of illnesses and trying to pack for our first holiday away with the boy means I've been away from you for two weeks now. Sorry about that.

The run up to our week away last week was fraught with hassle. So much so my stress levels were off the chart and I was very close to going to the doctors for something to calm my nerves.

First the boy got sickness and diarrhoea, then it seemed to clear up but his appetite wasn't back and he wasn't sleeping so neither were we.

Then hubby got the D&V bug from the boy.

Then the boys diarrhoea came back.

With a vengeance!

In the middle of the night!!

All the time I was trying to pack and sort out everything we needed for a short, four night, self catering break to the coast with my parents.

Now I love holidays. Once I'm there. But the thought of them always makes me nervous. Will everything be ok? Will the accommodation be clean, comfortable, in a nice quiet area. Will we all be well enough to travel there and back? What if this? What if that? What if everything? I get myself in such a stew it hardly seems worth going. This could be one of the main reasons why we always return to the same little seaside town on the coast, only 2 hours drive away, year on year.

I know the shops, I know the good pubs, restaurants and take away's. I know the streets, the walk to the sea, the amusement arcade and the town in general like the back of my hand. Hubby and I spent our very first holiday together there and we've returned every year since. It might only be for a few days break in a B&B. It might not always be our main holiday that year. But we always go back. It's our second home.

I also hate leaving Oscar and I can't stand packing!

So packing for me and a 9 month old baby was a nightmare.

Especially as I thought I should pack extra of everything for the boy in case we had a repeat of our little midnight incident!

Then of course I started to panic about the boy. I know this place but he doesn't. He's never slept away from home before, or even in his travel cot. What if he has the screaming ab dabs for four days and goes crazy? Whose idea was this anyway? Oh yes mine wasn't it, well best keep quiet and hope he and his bum settle down as quickly as possible.

Nanny P and Granddad G were there when we arrived so the cottage was lit and warm and had familiar faces in so the boy just had a good look round and started playing.

He wasn't fazed at all.

It seems I totally underestimated my son.

He had a ball. And as a consequence so did we. Nanny and Granddad loved being with the boy and he loved being with them. So hubby and I got to spend quality time with him and, more importantly, each other. We even got lie ins and to go out for dinner, just us two, twice. He even slept through the night twice. So much for me thinking he wouldn't like the travel cot.

God bless Nanny and Granddad and god bless holidays I say!

Just what the doctor would've ordered had I called him!

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