Monday, 28 March 2011

The One where we Put The Clocks Forward

So British Summer Time has begun. Light nights, lazy days and getting out the BBQ!

I do enjoy the lighter evenings but it wasn't until after I'd gone to bed last night that I realised I should have added another source of anger to yesterdays post!

Mucking about with the time!

At the end of October, when we put the clocks back, the boys routine was sent to hell and back in a hand cart! It completely messed up naps, meals and bedtime. So yesterday when we "sprung forward" I wasn't relishing the resulting carnage.

I was reliably informed by a friend of ours, who's father to a 3 and a half year old, that putting the clocks forward was no where near as bad as putting them back. As childless adults gaining an hour in bed at the end of the Autumn was a small luxury that made the nights drawing in slightly more palatable, if only for a day! Losing that hour in Spring always made me disorientated and drowsy for a while but the warmer weather was coming so who cares! 

Once you have small people gaining an hour and throwing your carefully crafted routine into flux doesn't seem so grand and the thought of losing an hour filled me with dread!

Of course we did put the clocks forward last Spring and the boy was here but he was only 4 weeks old so we didn't know which way was up, what our names were and what the hell we'd done at that point to notice!

But surprisingly and mercifully, given my malaise yesterday, no harm came to the boys routine at all! He woke at 7 instead of 6 which was a lovely bonus but apart from that he ran to schedule!

I was amazed!

Today of course he's only just gone to sleep for the nap I put him down for at 3.30pm and should actually be having his tea right now so maybe he's on some sort of delay and I spoke too soon?

It would seem only time will tell.....


  1. As a wiser Tweeter said this week: British Summer Time should be subject to trade descriptions. It should really be called UK Winter+1. You're grumpy - but I'm cold, RW! (LCL)

  2. On the other hand C is a nightmare. Bedtime 7.30. She's awake chatting to her cuddlies and playing til 9.00. We just turn the telly up a bit. She's not really slept in either until this morning. Spark out when I left for work.

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