Thursday, 10 March 2011

The One with the Supper

We've had an idea!

Well to be precise some friends of ours have had an idea!

If the boy is waking up in the night and downing another 7 oz of milk then he's obviously hungry. After all he is a big lad. At his 12 month developmental review (which incidentally was done at 11 months but never mind) he weighed 24lb and half an oz and measured 79 cms which is about 2 and a half foot. The projection for his growth said at 18 he'll be 6 foot 6 inches!)

So our friends suggested supper.

"Give him some cereal" they said "He's a growing lad" they said

So with tea at 5pm and bath at 6ish I somehow managed to squeeze an extra meal in at 6.30 to the already hectic 5 to 7.30pm tea/bath/CBeebies/bottle/bedtime routine!

The first night we tried it we gave him half a Weetabix. No luck. He still woke up at 2 am for a bottle.

We tried again with a bit more!

Still no joy.

Last night we did a whole Weetabix and a handful of Cheerios!

Success! The boy slept through!

So I thought I'd cracked it.

Never, never think you've cracked it!

We'd been out today so tea was a bit late, as was bath time so at 6.50 he refused the Weetabix completely and screamed until he got his milk. Which he downed before bed at 7.30.

He's already been awake once tonight so we could be in for a long one.

Don't get me wrong I think supper time could work but it's like any long running cereal/serial you have to stick to the same times or it will never be a success!


  1. He slept through!! A bit of a re-settle at 9pm but otherwise not a peep until 6.30 this morning! And no Weetabix! Random. But then that's us!

  2. Sleepness nights are a killer but on the plus side, if in some alternative universe you gave up the stage for the military, you would never cave in if tortured with sleep deprivation - you would breeze it!!!

    Its a weak benefit but you got to find a silver lining somehow!!!

    Charlie x