Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The One where I'm Too Tired

I've been intending to blog today. All day. But stuff kept getting in my way. 

Taking the boy out to town and then to a local sports centre to jump about on a bouncy castle then have a cuppa with a friend stuff. Good stuff. Not stuff on the dining room table, stuff.

But never the less stuff! (I would like to point out here the use of the exclamation mark. Lemon Cake Lady pointed out to me last night that she has traced back over my blogging history and my use of exclamation marks has increased dramatically!! She's sensing this is down to increased stress levels as the months have gone on. I put it down to returning to work!!!!!!!)

It was my trip out last night, to a Pampered Chef party (sorry "show") with the afore mentioned LCL that I wanted to blog about but it's too late now to do it justice and I'm too sleepy from the bath I had to try and help restore my poor old back (now it's actual medical term I believe) to health.

I was intending to blog earlier this evening while watching England draw with Ghana but after a rather dodgy phone call today from an "internet" company who told me I had viruses on my PC and had me on the call for ages before I realised it was a scam I wanted to run a check on my Netbook. I didn't give them any details at all but I still wanted to be sure everything was ok. The Anti-Virus check took ages while Graham Norton looked for Trojan horses. I think that's what was happening. 

I work in IT me! 

So the final whistle had blown, the boys had done well my son and Fabio was over the moon or some such football cliché gibberish before it was anywhere near ready to use again.

So it's too late to fire up the netbook and write a blog now.

So I gave up and wrote this on the Mac instead!

Once a blogger, always a blogger.....

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